Del Paxton EP up for Pre-order! 2 January 2022

Del Paxton's "September, Bedtime, Ontario" 12" EP is now up for pre-order and will begin shipping 1/25. The EP is 140g black vinyl, limited to 200 (first pressing), and features remixes of each song by Sacred Canopy, G Mills, and VWLS. Order a copy and get some stickers!

New Band! 5 November 2021

Welcome Del Paxton to the Better Days family!

We've known Del Paxton for a while and when we learned their new EP was going to be digital-only we knew this would be the perfect first vinyl release for us. Expect timing updates soon, but as of now it looks like we'll be getting these in sometime in March (due to just about every plant being backed up).

Check out the EP details and band bio here.

We're Back! 22 December 2020

Better Days Will Haunt You is back!

I don't know why I chose to take my cassette label out of retirement during a pandemic, but it doesn't not make sense. The first release back is The Dravo Slant, my new solo project (or solo for now) that centers around two bass guitars and drums. Next up will be a vinyl (yes, vinyl - like a real label) release from some good friends and ex-label mates of mine and one of my favorite releases of the year.

This is still a hobby label and will not be focusing on profits; only releasing music that I love and support. All releases will likely be small run (~50 for cassettes and ~300 for vinyl) and include a download.

Thanks to everyone who's already grabbed a Dravo Slant cassette and I can't wait to start talking about the next release!